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Spreading the good...

3.20.23 The BWRSD Family Outreach is collaborating to offer a Materials Buffet at 2 school events to provide "beautiful junk" to students in advance of April vacation so they have materials to spark imagination, joy and learning when home over vacation.

Materials list!

Do your best to wash any items that had food or beverage in them. The top rack of dishwasher will work for some and melt others! A soak in a soapy dish pan and then left to air dry works well.

St. Mary's is helping collect. Boxes will be available for collecting in the back of Church and in the Rectory until end of March.


  • Bottle caps that do not identify alcohol products
  • Cereal boxes, toothpaste boxes, macaroni boxes, any thin cardboard [best if the cereal sat in a plastic bag within the box. Don’t contribute if there were peanuts in box. Also okay to flatten the box for storing]
  • Egg cartons; plastic only. Too difficult to know if paper ones are clean
  • Lids, caps; plastic
  • Magazines with animals, newspaper, file folders
  • Marker caps
  • Paper bags from shopping that are clean and have no stains
  • Paper towel tubes
  • Plastic veggie and fruit containers
  • Small jewelry boxes, Shoe boxes, clothing gift boxes are super fun
  • Textures- such as green mesh around sleeve of garlic or orange mesh around bunch of onions/sweet potatoes
  • Toilet paper tubes
  • Water bottles with or without caps, plastic
  • Yogurt containers , plastic

Wish list!

  • Bigger buttons
  • Fabric scraps, old t-shirts cut into circular strips
  • Golf tees
  • Paint strips from paint store
  • Potato sack (loose weave)
  • Shells or rocks (small and not sharp)
  • String, ribbon
  • Wallpaper, gift wrap or contact paper
  • Yarn

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M 25:35 is a ministry of St. Mary of the Bay (Warren) that supports migrants and refuges in Rhode Island.

To support or volunteer, or for more information: email: [email protected].


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