MARCH 2023

March's LFRI run for St. Mary’s is scheduled for SATURDAY, March 25, 2023. 

The need will be great this month, and preparation and deliveries are completed quickly in the morning. 

We will be doing the two regular food and clothing deliveries to Mathewson Street Church and Emmanuel House, and we will also be taking the truck for deliveries to Woonsocket!

Food prep for the 3 deliveries will be held at 8:30 am in the lower room of the Rectory - 330 Wood Street, Bristol.

Some volunteers are needed for the prep and loading of food and misc. items, but also 3-4 volunteers to drive with the truck to Woonsocket to help distribute food and other items. 

If you are able to support LFRI on Saturday the 25th, please let Marnee, Bill or Milt know 

We wish you a very happy and healthy 2023!  Thanks to everyone who supports LFRI!  

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Many blessings,

Marnee Perry

Bill Sweeney

Milton Finch