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Hello Ministers,

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March/April 2022 Schedule

May 7-29 2022 schedule

Fr. Barry and Deacon Paul would like to return to having four Eucharistic ministers assigned on future schedules. Help spread the word.
We need more ministers to make this a reality, so that we don't overburden those of you who already assist each month.  I am
just an email, phone call or text away. 
Best regards and may God bless you and your family this Lenten season.
Sarah Hemond



(12/15/21)...Liturgical ministers, (e.g. priests, deacons, ministers of Holy Communion, altar servers, cantors, choir members,)

are not expected to wear masks while actively participating in the liturgy.

St. Mary's has resumed with ministers at each weekend mass... two lectors and two Eucharistic Ministers for the time being.

Ministers of the cup will not be resumed at this time.


Please let Sarah Hemond [email protected] know the following:

1) Are you interested in serving as a minister moving forward? 

If yes, as a lector and/or eucharistic minister?

2) Are you fully vaccinated against COVID-19?

Please send her any contact information changes.

New volunteers should contact Deacon Paul with their interest. [email protected]


When you are scheduled and are unable to serve, let Deacon Paul and Sarah know right away.

If you need time off, and haven't emailed yet, let Sarah know asap.
If you are unable to serve on the date you are scheduled, please reach out to other volunteers and find someone to cover or switch with you.